Last week I gave a guest lecture for Laura Wiebe’s Pop Culture Studies class on DIY production, using By Crom! as an example. It is a frank, honest, specific investigation of challenges and issues in self publishing I rarely see represented at large. 

It is not quite the joyous celebration of the support you’ve all given me on this project that I owe the internet. It’s an academic lecture. But if you’re curious about critical issues in the production of small scale pop culture, you can watch me lay it out for an hour and a half right here!

If you’re curious about how I did this whole comic thing, here’s a chance to hear some straightforward facts about selfpublishing, indie comics, anxieties, finances, and so forth. Let me know what you think!


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Kraut in the making.

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Whatever Gamergate may have started as, it is now an Internet culture war. On one side are independent game-makers and critics, many of them women, who advocate for greater inclusion in gaming. On the other side of the equation are a motley alliance of vitriolic naysayers: misogynists, anti-feminists, trolls, people convinced they’re being manipulated by a left-leaning and/or corrupt press, and traditionalists who just don’t want their games to change.




"Larry Hama shows ya how to kill a man 18 ways with a stapler."

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Zelda Princess Warrior Outfit

Just because you’re saving the world doesn’t mean you can’t look absolutely fabulous doing it. No one shows that better than Princesses Zelda in Hyrule Warriors. With a mix of hard armor and flowing skirt in a gradient of purple to pink and gold accents,  this look is rich,royal, and a little bit dangerous, befitting of a modern fashion Princess/Queen. 

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I absolutely love Much Needed Merch’s new Zelda skirt from Hyrule Warriors, especially in a Zelda inspired outfit. 

zeldaqueen I found your next outfit.
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